Do you want REAL, onfield hitting improvement? Troy will help you figure out your true weaknesses, both mental & mechanical, and map out a detailed game plan to help you reach your full hitting potential!eIMG_2042 copysquare


Many ballplayers today have no idea what they really need to do to improve in order to play at the next level. Troy’s upfront & honest evaluation of your skills, both physically and mentally, is guaranteed to help motivate you and give you what you really need to help get you where you want to be!eIMG_2042


Be mentored by Troy both on and off the field! Receive an honest assessment of skills, set short & long-term goals, and map out a detailed plan for improvement. Set weekly Phone/FaceTime meetings covering hitting, pitching, fielding, school, diet, strength training, Bible study, etc. An unbelievable opportunity to improve as a ballplayer AND as a person!eIMG_1401

Speaking Engagements

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9 Innings of Hitting

From swing mechanics to the hitter’s mental approach, 9 Innings of Hitting is one of the most in-depth resources ever written to help baseball and fast-pitch softball players improve as hitters.