How What You’re Being Taught Can Make You Worse?! DON’T BE MISLED!

If you like my videos, PLEASE HIT THAT BELL AND ON TURN ON THE NOTIFICATIONS! Get Troy Silva’s best-selling book, “9 Innings of Hitting,” and #BaseballTruth gear at For the BEST personalized vitamins and training supplements, go to Subscribe to Troy’s channel at… To get an opportunity to work with Troy Silva personally at Rijo Athletics AZ, or to set up speaking engagements, please call (623)556-7774. In this video, Troy Silva gives his #BaseballTruth wisdom to help inform coaches, ballplayers, and parents of how what is being taught can actually make the ballplayer worse! There are so many things being taught today that are more of a detriment than a help. Troy exposes these things and helps you to better understand why and how this happens! Quit being unintentionally misled, fooled, or tricked by the common misconceptions being taught today and unlock your true potential! This is a MUST WATCH video!!!